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Peter has just spent the afternoon mowing the grass and decides to make some honorary rounds around the girl next door when his engine suddenly fails. But there is Barbara feeling sorry for him and she really knows how to cheer the man up... GET A FULL ACCESS

She's young and beautiful and horny all the time so she works as a French maid and lets any of the men that hire her fuck her wet pussy. If they pay for her services then they get to fuck her all they want. They get to slam her hot pussy and slam it deep and hard because nothing gets her off more. She's playful and pretty and she looks delicately feminine with those bows in her hair. GET A FULL ACCESS

Bert is just reading his newspaper in the garden of his estate when this stunning blonde in high heels and miniskirt arrives on the scene. To his amazement the girls strips naked and shows her giant tits to him. What should he do? GET A FULL ACCESS

The schoolgirl walks into the room and immediately his attention is called to her naughty and tight body. He wants to fuck her and he can't wait to see if she's interested in his old cock. When he reaches for her shirt and starts unbuttoning it things are looking pretty good and before you know it the sexy babe is naked and sitting on his big fuck stick. She looks good wearing just her little schoolgirl tie and even better with a cock in her naughty pussy. GET A FULL ACCESS

Grandpa has got a new girlfriend, a lovely looking teenage girl. They go for a walk and park themselves on a blanket in the grass where the old man shows her his muscular body. Turned on she starts sucking his dick as an introduction to a long and horny fuck. GET A FULL ACCESS

Dries has packed his bags: He is on his way to Prague to meet a very special girl called Katerina. And indeed, before you know it Dries and his mate are on a hotel bed and Katarina enters the room, ready to be fucked by two dicks... GET A FULL ACCESS

Steven is just repairing his sons bike for the umpteenth time as Kelly, the girl next door walks in. His back is aching too but when he mentions that to the girl she offers to give him a massage. And you know what happens when massages get given here... GET A FULL ACCESS

Edgar is sorting out his finances (as well as his porn collection) and confronts his girlfriend about the enormous amount of money she spends. Mina is not impressed however: She shuts him up by putting a gun to is head... and taking her clothes off! GET A FULL ACCESS

Computer teacher Frank wasted no time in slamming his fat juicy dick into the twat of young student Jaclyn and she wanted a hot wad of spuzz for a grade.   The old instructor made good use of his new gilf fuck slut's warm youthful vagina by fucking her in every position possible.  The horny young bitch was so hot for some throbbing man dick that she didn't resist him as he pounded her nasty young cunt and  a fat juicy nut totally satisfying her. GET A FULL ACCESS

Bruce has found himself a new girlfriend who, just like him, shared his love for... yellow dungarees with enormous flowers printed on them. True, she is a very rare find. They have another common interest and they share that as often as possible... GET A FULL ACCESS

Linda and Louis are preparing for a Halloween party but Louis is getting on a bit and before he knows it he is exhausted. Although he doesn’t want to, Linda is determined to give him a lot of tender care... and a couple of other things too! GET A FULL ACCESS

Coen had mailed us that he and his girlfriend wanted to be in a porn movie. What he didn't know however was that Kelly, his girlfriend, had mailed us too. She wanted to be in a threesome with two guys. Well, that could be arranged... GET A FULL ACCESS

It is one of those lazy Sunday afternoons and Anna Sofie is pretty bored with herself. All she has to do is some knitting and Jan, her husband, doesn't provide much entertainment either. So she calls the maid for some coffee... and a lot more! GET A FULL ACCESS

Sergeant Werner has had a long day and all he wants to do is sleep. Unfortunately a new recruit reports to him, ready to receive some training... and nearly finishing the sergeant off. So Werner decides to put the busty girl to some other use... GET A FULL ACCESS

During an interview Mireck admits that he has never used any sex toys. In fact, he hasn’t seen them being used either. So a sales girl with the biggest tits he has ever seen pays him a visit at home for an extensive demonstration! GET A FULL ACCESS

A guy is shifting hay and a teenage girl is watching him. They get into an argument but then the girl seduces him, gives him a blow job and they fuck in the hay. After that he rolls her, still naked, away in a wheelbarrow. GET A FULL ACCESS

An elderly man is busy gardening but is bothered by his back. By coincidence a blonde girl rings the bell, offering help. She is not very good with the watering can, soaking the fellows clothes all over. She lets him undress and when he is naked she gives him a thorough blow job before both of them fuck in the greenhouse. GET A FULL ACCESS

The schoolgirl is wearing a satin gown as she prepares for the graduation ceremony and when her principal comes in she finds herself the object of his affection. She realizes that he wants to fuck her and she can't stop herself from wrapping her soft lips around his hard cock. She wants to suck on him, to make him hard and then feel him bend her over and fuck her pussy. She wants to feel all that cock up inside her because she's a naughty young slut. GET A FULL ACCESS

Jan is suffering from erection problems so he goes to see Doctor Lucie. She is not a woman of many words but her treatments are never without effect... although we wonder if a tablet of Viagra would have been less painful... GET A FULL ACCESS

Miroslav and his wife are just plundering their neighbour's orchard as Petra passes by. She helps the elderly couple who are obviously somewhat intoxicated by the fruit as Miroslav ends up in the grass having his dick blown by his wife and Petra... GET A FULL ACCESS

Michaelas teacher is getting absolutely desperate with her. She doesn't listen to him at all and generally misbehaves. So he takes her to the director of the school to see if he has a solution for the girl. Wel, he has, and it is hidden in his pants... GET A FULL ACCESS

Jim has discovered a new way to meet young girls: A dating agency on the internet! His first strike is already lucky and here he is confronted by a delicious young girl from Poland. Like any girl, she falls for his natural wit and charm and Jim is so overwhelmed that they nearly end up in a triangle with the neighbor next door GET A FULL ACCESS

Lizzy is in the forest, basking in the sunshine when she notices a funny old man who is peeking at her from the bushes. Without any ado she decides to punish the pervert by first smothering him with her tits and then fucking him to near death! GET A FULL ACCESS

Harry has a new housekeeper and the girl is absolutely fantastic. She sweeps, she cleans, she gives massages when he needs one. But when it comes to spoiling her pussy there is only one expert in the house: Harry himself... GET A FULL ACCESS

Bert has found himself a new help for in the kitchen and today Lenka has prepared a very special meal for him. Unfortunately Bert doesn't appreciate the gesture. Well, it would have been better if Lenka turned the gas on. It is good job she has other qualities too.. GET A FULL ACCESS

Marcel is just out on his Sunday morning run when he comes across a half naked girl who is obviously masturbating in public. He joins her in the fun but at a safe distance. Mind you, she is quite a stunner so it doesn't take him long to call her closer... GET A FULL ACCESS

Jan Willem has scored himself a new girlfriend via a chatbox and boy, is he eager to meet her. He even walked all the way up to the railway station to pick her up and on their way hom he just can't keep his hands off the young girl... GET A FULL ACCESS

Marcel is doing his daily run through the forest when he discovers a blonde nymphet resting on a bench. So he does what any man would do: He starts to jerk off in the bushes. The girl seems a little shocked at first but some cash makes her do anything... GET A FULL ACCESS

Bert has found himself a new help for in the kitchen and today Lenka has prepared a very special meal for him. Unfortunately Bert doesn't appreciate the gesture. Well, it would have been better if Lenka turned the gas on. It is good job she has other qualities too.. GET A FULL ACCESS

An old man is visiting the revenue office to settle some financial problems. The inspector, who is a very young girl, has some curious ways of solving her problems. To begin with she gives the guy a spanking, telling him to drop his pants and jerk off for her. Later on he has to lick her pussy and fuck her too. GET A FULL ACCESS

After a couple of hours Leo is enjoying a healthy lunch. Just at that moment his boss comes in, accompanied by Michelle, his very blonde assistant. When boss man needs to go elsewhere Michelle decides to practice her seduction skills on Leo... GET A FULL ACCESS

The dude is lustily stroking his meat when his babe arrives home from a day on the town and sees him there in his bathrobe. At first she's aghast that he would be so casual about masturbation but she can't resist the urge. She's with this much older man for a reason and that reason is sexual pleasure. He gives it to her like she's never experienced, especially when he eats her hot box. The sensual slut just can't get enough of that tongue on her hot hole. GET A FULL ACCESS

Jan has got himself a new girlfriend who is just as much of an exhibitionist as he is. However, although fucking outdoors is great fun, it is not that easy to find a spot where you can go ahead without loads of people passing by... GET A FULL ACCESS

Sergio needed aid from nasty young slut and nurse Alana, on the bed, is where his throbbing man dick is gonna get done.  Without hesitation the younger hottie sucked his old cock so it would be hard and slick enough to penetrate and slide on into that  tight young box of hers.  From there on he tore into his gilf fuck slut's gripping young vagina and fucked it until he came his load. GET A FULL ACCESS

Frilly girlie Melanie can't wait for her boyfriend to fuck her tight young box so instead she went after some throbbing man dick and her neighbor's dad Ferdinand home from work was going to be her victim.  She chilled on the couch with him until he popped a boner and she forced him back to the couch and sucked his old cock much to his pleasure.  He slammed that hot young pussy and the horny young bitch was finally satisfied that his throbbing man dick delivered. GET A FULL ACCESS

Today we get to know a completely different side of our Paul as he visits a BDSM mistress. He's on his knees soon enough but her whips don't make much of an impression. Fortunately the Mistress is inventive enough to please Paul in another way... GET A FULL ACCESS

On the hottest day of the year Peters car breaks down so he has to walk all the way over to his favorite bar. There, beautiful girl is just chatted up by the barkeeper but when he leaves she has a very unexpected surprise for our unfortunate driver... GET A FULL ACCESS

Mireck is enjoying his lunch. Well, enjoying... you would think he only gets fed when he is being filmed... However, he notices the talents of the waitress and makes her an offer she can't refuse. At his home Mireck is in for a surprise: This girl is a lot hotter than he thought and in for a good fuck! GET A FULL ACCESS

Jacques is just busy minding his own business when he hears an odd sound coming from behind a shed. Upon investigation he finds a horny Kitty who is busy... relieving herself. Seeing her need, Jacques offers to help the poor girl out... GET A FULL ACCESS

Lucy is just doing the household chores - washing the dishes, putting the rubbish out - when an odd garbage man enters her roof (where else would you leave the garbage?). He is shivering with cold so she lets him in to... warm up a little. GET A FULL ACCESS

Peter has gotten himself a new hand but she is not particularly helpfull. In fact, she spends most of the day suffering from the hangover from the night before. But when Peter give her a lecture about life Brenda appears to have some qualities at least... GET A FULL ACCESS

Albert is delivering a pile of firewood at Nicky’s place. It is had work and sweat is pouring down his body. Just by coincidence, Nicky is very fond of sweaty men and when Albert hands her the bill her mind is on something different than money... GET A FULL ACCESS

Paul has become a masseur and he is very devoted to his job. That is, until a beautiful girl enters his parlour. Then he forgets his professionalism and manages to turn the girl on so much that she is game for anything... GET A FULL ACCESS

Karl finally got a horny old young like sleeping Alana to submit to his young fetish lust.  She woke up slowly and he got a hardon and her eyes almost bugged out of her head.  She was so horny for some hard older cock that she had juices drooling from every hole.  He took his  blood filled cock and waved it in front of her and she greedily directed it to moistened sweet pussy.  Those big juicy tits of hers added to the pleasure and he has done his job by filling her hot young pussy with cum. GET A FULL ACCESS

Our team has followed Jan Willem across the border into Germany where Simone is going to be at the center of a bukkake party. And indeed, a little later she is doing a striptease for about fifteen guys who are all eager to fuck her! GET A FULL ACCESS

Dirk has got himself a new girlfriend and he fucks her whenever he can and where ever he can, wether it is on the toilet, behind the bycicle shed or a quiet spot on a public parking place. And fortunately Lisa loves sex as much as he does! GET A FULL ACCESS

A young girl is visiting her doctor. He tells her to undress completely and when she is naked he starts licking her nipples. The girl objects but he continues, shoving his dick in her mouth. Later on he fucks her in a gyno chair. GET A FULL ACCESS

Marcel has gone into business and bought himself a roadside restaurant. As he had a small budget, most of the place is made of plastic and there is no toilet. The place looks so run down that it attracts the oddest customers as Marcel finds out today... GET A FULL ACCESS

A blonde girl is lying on the bed when there is a knock on the door. It is the plumber who repairs her shower. She falls asleep and he approaches the bed, pulling her panties aside and licking her pussy. When she wakes up she sucks and fucks him. GET A FULL ACCESS

Bad young lady Jaclyn is moving on Frank to give her that throbbing man dick so it's time to see a cherry busted here!  The pretty gilf blew that old dick until it was hard enough to bust open her tight young box the way she likes it.  He wastes no time fucking this gilf fuck slut's  dripping tight pussy and takes his hard older cock and blasts her booty wide open.  He bangs her hot young pussy until they both cum like maniacs. GET A FULL ACCESS

Emilia in the living room needs a dick in her nasty young cunt and she invites Hubert to be her lusty man lover and he's ready to team up.  When she moved in on him he popped a boner and the hardcore licking and dicking start up.  Her steamy hot pussy has never been fucked so hard and he pounds that nasty young cunt and plays with her big juicy tits fully enjoying his young sex adventure.  Soon the guy is busting a wad into her gripping young vagina. GET A FULL ACCESS

Michaela is one of those careless girls who always seems to get herself in trouble. Just look at her, playing dangerously close to the railway track. Fortunately Donald is nearby to give her a warning, a spanking... and a good fuck! GET A FULL ACCESS

The beautiful chick is sitting at her computer and watching porn, something she does almost every day to get her pussy wet so that big black dildo can slide inside and fuck her just like a hard cock would. Today things are going to be a little different though. An older man has been watching from a hidden location and now he's going to show himself and introduce his cock to her sloppy fuck hole. That's going to make her cum. GET A FULL ACCESS

There's nothing like some gripping young vagina like Alana here has and thegilf fuck slut's sneaky ways catch sleeping Karl and she sucked his old cock so he could be ready to work that dripping tight pussy of hers.  She went to work on his throbbing man dick as soon as the lusty man lover had enough playing with her big juicy tits she let him stuff his thick meaty member deep into her nasty young cunt and fuck her until they both were satisfied. GET A FULL ACCESS

Rachel has found herself a new career as a burglar and for her first job she has decided to pick an easy goal: Peters safe. That IS easy as she knows that he keeps the key in his fridge. But then Peter arrives home earlier than expected... GET A FULL ACCESS

Tereza is so bad at English her parents have hired Mireck to give her some extra lessons. We don't know why - we can hardly understand the old geyser ourselves. Anyway, Tereza is no fool and Mireck has to call on his acting talents to get what he wants... GET A FULL ACCESS

When Mireck meets a young girl who has planned a walk in the forest he can't believe his luck. He offers to accompany her and soon enough the old man manages to seduce her. On a blanket in the middle of the woods Mireck proves that even old man can have pretty good sex nowadays! GET A FULL ACCESS

Bad man Leonard wants him some of slim Nora's tight young box and the gilf fuck slut's in her flowery outfit thirsted for older cock.  She was all over the older man and blew that old dick so that it would easily slide into her dripping tight pussy.  She was in total bliss having a hard older cock stuffed into her pussy and as soon as he popped a boner she knew she was going to get as much of his blood filled cock as she could tolerate. GET A FULL ACCESS

She's in her bedroom putting on her sexy white stockings and he's peering at her through a crack in the closet door and it looks so fucking hot his dick is growing at a rapid rate in his pants. Soon it's rock hard and he's not content to wait to get off. He wants to use the sensual slut and while she's not thrilled that the intruder is pushing his dick against her lips eventually she gives in to his aggression and lets him fuck her pussy. That's what a good slut should always do. GET A FULL ACCESS

When Tim comes home one day he finds out he has forgotten his keys. He also finds out that his cousin Tereza is secretly sniffing drugs. Asking for an explanation she offers him some... and the stuff has some strange side effects on our Tim... GET A FULL ACCESS

A guys is sitting at a bar. He is slightly drunk and tries to have it off with the bar maid but she isn’t interested in him. Instead she goes up to an older fellow who is at the other end of the bar. She bears her tits for him one by one and then gives him a blow job before he actually fucks the girl on top of the bar. GET A FULL ACCESS

Bruce has been married for 35 years and now he thinks it is time for something fresh. His present wife is well past her selling date so he visits a marriage consultant. But Anita comes up with a solution Bruce has never dreamed of... GET A FULL ACCESS

During her parent's party gilf Jaclyn told old Frankhow she wanted some hard older cock and the older man obliged her and she started him off and sucked his old cock right there in her parent's den.  He got so hard he had to stuff her tight young box and proceeded to fuck his young fuck lover's  wet hot snatch with no idea if they would be found out.  She was now happy to have his throbbing man dick destroying her nasty young cunt until they both came in shudders. GET A FULL ACCESS

After a long day at school Zdenka is dying for some fresh strawberries. Trying to eat some her teacher getting angry and is looking for the right punishment. The only way to escape from punishment is closing her eyes and just wait and see ... GET A FULL ACCESS

The masseuse isn't quite as professional as would be appropriate but this cute pigtailed babe doesn't really care. Every time his hands touch her back she can feel electric sparks of desire firing in her snatch. She can feel the desire building to an epic size and when he finally takes the plunge and pushes his cock into her naughty slit she practically cums on the spot. GET A FULL ACCESS

The chubby nerd and the sexy young babe are sitting next to each other on the couch and he's about to make his move. He knows that she's hot and loose and that if he plays his cards right he'll end up in her pussy and nothing would make him happier. He's been staring at her black stockings all day long and now he just wants to feel them and lick her pussy and pump her playful pussy with his man meat. What more does he have to do to get her to give it up? GET A FULL ACCESS

Bruce has found himself a new assistant to run his farm but she is not very helpful. The girl is just too scared to get her hands dirty. But just when he has about enough of her, Emily comes up with an offer that Bruce just can't refuse... GET A FULL ACCESS

An office girl is getting bossed around by her manager who is cursing and swearing at her. Meanwhile her colleague, an older man, is jerking off in his office. She goes over to him and takes all of her clothes off in order to be fucked by him. GET A FULL ACCESS

Bruce is just cleaning out the gutters of his house when there is a screaming way below him: His rubbish is hitting her right on the head. She even climbs his ladder to give him a good hiding. But Bruce has a way of handling angry women... GET A FULL ACCESS

Harry has taken over the local gym and boy, is he tough on his pupils. Martine, his first victim, gets haunted by him in such a way that she begs to go home in the end... even wetting herself. It is only by then that Harry shows some compassion... GET A FULL ACCESS

Mireck has celebrated his 81st birthday last week and he has decided to treat his family on some photo’s... of himself. Now Zuzana is a nice looking girl and Mireck is very interested but will he be able to bypass her fetish for balls and cowboy hats? GET A FULL ACCESS

It is really surprising to see how fast our Mireck can move. One moment he joins a total stranger on a terrace, the next he is walking with her through the forest, blanket at hand. We think even your average gigolo can learn from him GET A FULL ACCESS

Katerina's teacher is getting a little desperate. She has high scores for every subject except for biology. So he invites her and her boyfriend over for some extra lessons. Especially the human genitals get some extra attention... GET A FULL ACCESS

Ally is taking her dog for a walk in the local forest when she notices a man making some very strange gestures a little further on. She decides to spy on him but she gets caught. Then it appears that the mans actions weren't as naughty as Ally thought... GET A FULL ACCESS

The schoolgirl is not hiding her desire from the older nerd. She's not going to turn away from him until he acknowledges her standing there and tries to give her the pleasure she craves. Her little tits need to be sucked and her pussy needs to be serviced. She needs to feel him licking her nasty hole to make it dripping wet and then what she wants more than anything is to be fucked so deep and hard that it makes her cum over and over. GET A FULL ACCESS

Desiring a blood filled cock for a morning meal, hottie Nora makes her move on her older neighbor Leonard and offers him some hot young pussy.  His  stone rigid dick was more than enough for her and he knew she wanted a hot wad of spuzz for her efforts.  The younger chick gobbled up his hard older cock so fast that she almost gagged then he stuffed his stone rigid dick deep into her hot young pussy. GET A FULL ACCESS

The nerdy older guy catches this teen slut playing with her pussy and when she sees that he's got a little bit of a chubby growing in his pants she capitalizes on the chance to go at him. She pulls up her shirt and he suckles on her teen tits to get that sexy snatch all wet and then his tongue finds its way down her body. When a teen slut like this throws herself at you there's no option but to fuck her. You have to make sure that her wet young pussy gets the pleasure it needs. GET A FULL ACCESS

Restoring old cars is Edgar’s hobby and the one he is working on now is nearly as ancient as he is himself. Nicky, who is visiting him, is very interested in a ride but the car isn’t finished yet. So old Edgar shows her his engine is still running... GET A FULL ACCESS

When the cute chick with bows in her hair starts playing with her pussy on the couch it begins a day of passion that will not end until she's had multiple orgasms. As she touches her steaming hot hole she's dreaming about a man being there to fuck her and just like that he shows up with a hard cock ready to insert into her naughty hole. She looks totally adorable in her outfit and only a madman would not want to nail her slutty slit. GET A FULL ACCESS

Electra Angel wants to try out the new bistro downtown. Is it her imagination or is this old waiter looking funny at her? She orders anyway but the food she gets is horrible, so she rubs his face in it. To save the evening she comes up with a fucking great dessert! GET A FULL ACCESS

It is in the middle of summer and Paulina has decided to do some topless sunbathing, much to the surprise and excitement of Pavlov who is trying to catch some fish a few yards away. But Pavlovs wife is less happy with the situation... GET A FULL ACCESS

Kristyna has been making a hash of her biology lesson so she has to spend some extra time in class, learning the parts of the human body. Not that her results improve very much so her teacher decides iets best for the girl to skip the theory... GET A FULL ACCESS

Jana is our local seamstress, earning her money behind the sewing machine while Victor, her husband, occupies the bed. But when a young customer comes in to fit some clothes Jana doesn't want a reward in cash: She rather revives Victors dick! GET A FULL ACCESS

Doctor Dries has a busy afternoon ahead. Not only his favorite little patient is visiting him but he also has to play teacher to Steven, his apprentice. Fortunately Lucie, the patient, is a very willing girl... and a very patient one too... GET A FULL ACCESS

When you are getting a little older your usual seduction techniques might not work very well anymore so here's a golden tip: Just span a rope in between two trees, wait for a jogger to stumble over it and then knock her out with your natural charm... GET A FULL ACCESS

Tim is playing the slot machines and he is very lucky: The scores go higher by the minute! That doesn't go unnoticed by Ariana, our local golddigger. With dollar signs in her eyes she starts to make out with Tim who is a willing victim... GET A FULL ACCESS

Bert has started a small business and is taking on applicants for a job as his secretary. Milada is the first candidate but to be honest, she doesn't have many qualities. As a secretary that is. On the other hand she is very easy going... GET A FULL ACCESS

A young girl finds out her TV isn’t working so she calls a repair man. After the guy fixes her TV she tries to seduce him by taking off her clothes. Then she gives him a blow job before straddling his lap in order to fuck him. GET A FULL ACCESS

Desire is coursing through her body as she gets dressed, something that almost always happens when she puts on a sexy bra and panty set. For some reason the lingerie caressing her soft skin always makes her drip. She's performing for an audience today and the older man is quite erect watching her get gussied up. Will he get the chance to fuck that wanton slut hole? Will he get to fuck her like the naughty bitch that she is? Of course he will! GET A FULL ACCESS

Sweet office maid Jess and her delicious big boobs was too much a temptation for office boss Frank to turn down and the chance to bang her tight young box added to his passions.  She hungered for some stone rigid dick to tear into her dripping tight pussy and fuck it hard so the nasty young slut wasted no time with her new toy boy.  He banged the shit out of her hot young pussy and gave her wads of cum. GET A FULL ACCESS

An old man is crossing a bridge where a young girl is waiting for her boyfriend who hasn't shown up. So the old geyser decides to comfort her a little, first by kissing her on the mouth and then by taking her home to give her a good fuck! GET A FULL ACCESS

Jacques is just enjoying his monthly bath when his cousin Cindy enters the bathroom to take a shower. Now Jaques is not made of stone and the view of such a lovely young girl sure gives him a hard on. But is the girl interested? GET A FULL ACCESS

A middle aged man is playing football with a blonde teenage girl. He gets very exhausted so the girl takes him indoors for him to have a shower. After she washes him she strips off her clothes and they both fuck. GET A FULL ACCESS

The passion is obvious in this hot set and why wouldn't it be with the young girl wearing a dress so sexy and slutty. She shines in it and he's clearly in love with the idea of pounding her young pussy. She's playful and sexy and she wants to know what it's like to have an older man give it to her good. They're going to spend all night screwing and you can join them for a short trip into the hot action. GET A FULL ACCESS

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Walter is running a motorcycle workshop and is probably the only mechanic in the world who works with white gloves on. Things are not working well today, that is until Lindsay enters the room. Her T-shirt alone would distract anyone... GET A FULL ACCESS

Derek is watching his favorite game of football when Jacqueline enters the room, demanding her daily dose of sex. But Derek prefers to watch TV instead. So the poor girl has to apply all of her talents to get the old fool away from his game... GET A FULL ACCESS

Bernard has had a rough night on the tiles and trying to wake up in his hotel room he orders some coffee. A minute later Alisha arrives but Bernard has fallen asleep again and now it is up to her to keep the customer satisfied... which she does! GET A FULL ACCESS

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